Soon to be Clark's

Let me tell you 'bout the birds, and the bees, and the Soon to be Clark's and the trees, and moon up above, and a thing called LOVE....

These two are too cute for words! I just had to share their amazing engagement photos by the talented Natalie Moser (who if you can't tell already I just adore so much). The two share a love for photography, Zulu (their sweet little puggle), fun and of course, each other!

Looking relaxed and taking it all in *sigh*

This is one of my favorites. Shelby looks ga-ga-gorgeous and Rich so incredibly handsome. The light is perfection here as are they :)

I just love shoe shots and the shadows and touch of wind here is the perfect addition.

As you can tell I really loved the shots on the dock. This one is very fun and romantic to me, plus it really shows of Shelby's cute dress!

I like this pic, cause I want to know what Rich is saying and I love how Shelby is barefoot. Too perfect considering the first time I met Rich we were tailgating and he was barefoot the entire time. Love it!

My absolute favorite though is the "Banana Republic Ad" shot. They look so happy and so in love and it perfectly captures them as a couple.

Kudos to Natalie and Congrats again to the Soon to be Clark's (can't wait for the big day!)


Anonymous said...

I love that dress! Has anyone seen it anywhere??

J said...

^^I second that! I need that dress in my life! Does anyone have any info on it?

Claire said...

Actually I found some info. It is called Searchlight Flora and is from Anthropologie. Unfortunately it looks like they are sold out :( Booo

Natalie Moser said...

Can't wait to see you Lyndsy! -xoxo- nat

Jamie said...

So pretty! Can't wait for the wedding.

Shelby said...

I swear I commented on this a while ago. Stupid blogspot. Thanks for sharing these! So sweet of you! Can't believe how close it is!!


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