Gonna Start A Resolution....

I know I am 13 days late posting my resolutions for 2009 but I just really wanted to think them through and make realistic goals for myself that won’t be easily broken.

First and obviously the most common one on everyone’s list….

1) Be Healthy……


As I begin to get up there in years, I realize that I REALLY need to take care of myself and be healthy. Now this health doesn't just include diet and exercise, but also skin care, and mentally. I am planning to work out at least 4 times a week (yes, that was my same resolution as last year - so far so good this year!), limit my alcohol intake to weekends only (with the occasional dinner drink here and there), drink LOTS more water and be even better than I already am about wearing sun block. As for mental health I would like to watch less TV, read more books and write (whether it is creatively, for this blog or just jotting down thoughts) daily.

Stay tuned for the rest!

1 comment:

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I like it. I always believe in healthy body. always be cool. Thank you.

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