Wino Wednesday

Even though one of my resolutions is to be healthy and drink less, a glass (or half a bottle) can't hurt every now and then right? This Girard Chadonnay is worth the splurge and promises to get 2009 started off right! I recently was asked to order wine for our table and freaked out when I didn't recognize a single name on the wine list. I took a chance and ordered this lovely bottle and must pat myself on the back, as it was a hit with everyone!

Light yet flavorful and with the slightest bit of effervescence (or it seemed that way) this wine does not disappoint. It was sweet without being overly sweet, buttery with a little bit of crisp and just in general, pure yummers in a glass.

So, go ahead...treat yourself to a nice bottle!


Lynne said...

May not follow your resolution of not drinking this weekend :)

Tara said...

Oh I like that one!

Lyndsy said...

Oh Lynne I am ready to break all the rules with you this weekend! Yahoo!

Tara ~ isn't it delish?!


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