Resolution #2: Travel More


I have always longed to travel often to many places, and could kick myself for not studying abroad one summer or semester in college. Having a job makes traveling that much more difficult *economy not helping either*. So this year, I am making traveling (whether it be within the state of California, or anywhere on the map) more of a priority in my life.

I already have three trips planned so far. Hawaii in February, Mexico in April and Miami in May. I am also hoping to explore more within my own state and neighboring states as well. I hope to document my adventures and trips to share with all of you and also to keep myself accountable...Any suggestions for places I must see? Let me know!!



Stacie919 said...

I hear Boston is lovely! ;)

Erin said...

I LOVE this resolution! Getting out and exploring CA sounds wonderful - go to Lake Tahoe - hands down one of the most beautiful places on earth. Maybe we should get a group together and rent a house??

Michelle said...

I LOVE this resolution! Traveling is my hands down most favorite thing to do. I have always wanted to go to Big Sur in CA...that could be a fun place to see! If you want to do a trip in CA sometime, I think I know some girls who would come down for it... ;)

Lynne said...

There is this cute little town called Seattle that you should visit. I could show you around :)

Topanga Bay said...

Sanibel Island, FL is amazing. You can ride bikes everywhere, it has pure white sand beaches, you can go to eat at the most wonderfully unusual restaurant called The Bubble Room, and everyone gets up really early in the morning to go shelling in the water and watch the sun rise. It's an AMAZING place. So peaceful and gorgeous.

Marit said...

I am so excited to hear that you are going to get out and travel more! What fun!
I just wanted to recommend Waikiki Beach, Oahu in your neck of the woods. Lars and I have been there twice and just adore it! Always something going on, and the sun and becah just can't be beat.
As for world travelling, I would definitely recommend Greece! Beautiful beaches, swimming, great food and fantastic people! The culture is just breathtaking...along with the sights!
And keep Norway in mind should you ever be in OUR neck of the woods! ;)

ep said...

The Bay Area is a fabulous place to visit you know! and you'd have an awesome tour guide with a free place to stay-- how can you resist?!

Anonymous said...

Drive it, baby! I would definitely recommend taking the time to drive to some of these locations. It is very therapeutic to see some places by road, even to Florida. I used to think simply driving across state or to San Diego or Vegas to be daunting, but as I get older, it is fairly empowering to drive through places you may only have experiences from 30,000 feet up with no real appreciation. Especially with the way the gas prices are right now, its cheaper than flying! Good luck and safe travels!

Jaclyn Z. Reiss said...

YES! I vote you girls road trip to SF! We can do lots of fun things - and most of them will include great food and delicious wine! What a great resolution...you're off to a fabulous start!


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