Onto a New Moon


I finished Twilight last week and have to say….I’m officially hooked! The book was SO good! Stephenie Meyers does a fantastic job of describing scenes so vividly, that I actually got goose bumps more then once reading. The book is surprisingly sensual and Bella and Edward could be considered the next star crossed lovers.

It took me about ninety pages to get into the novel, but once I was in, I was so absorbed that I stayed up until 1:30 AM reading. Another reason I love the novel is that it takes place in a town called Forks, Washington which I had never heard of or knew actually existed until a girl in my sorority was from there. Go Forks!

This novel had suspense, romance, humor and mystery. Not too shabby considering it is a “young adult fiction novel”. If this is where this genre is going, sign me up!

I couldn't wait to pick up the next novel in the series New Moon, and was sad when Borders was completely sold out. Luckily a few days later Barnes and Noble came to my rescue. So that is my next read, hopefully it will be just as good as the original…


Emily said...

It is so good! New Moon was a little slower for me than the other 3 but still Ms. Meyers genius! Amazon always came through for me quickly when I needed the next one! :) Too funny it's Lindsey's hometown!

Being Brazen said...

I loved all 4 books in the twilight Saga - but Twilight and Eclipse are the best by far.

Enjoy New Moon.


Anonymous said...

Even at my age,52,I found myself caught up in Twlight. Thanks to Lyndsy's younger sister Kelsey who told me I should read it. I'm more than half way through New Moon, it was hard to get into at first, I found my self a little bored. That was until Jacob came along and made it more interesting. It's a good read and I look forward to reading the next books. BTW, you can find the books at Target.

Mama Debs.

Lynne said...

Lynds they are all so good! I want to read them over and over again.

sja said...

I was immediately hooked after seeing the movie! I read Twilight four times and read New Moon twice! Sadly, I have been too busy to start Eclipse!


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