Song Of The Week: Mykonos

When I saw a preview for SNL two weeks back and they said the musical guest was Fleet Foxes, I scratched my head in wonder as I had never heard this band before. Well luckily I DVR'ed it and I must say that I am such a fan now! They have this great 60's sound that is reminiscent to me of America, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and a little country all at the same time. I listen to Mykonos at least twice a day, as the end pumps me up and has me singing along whether I want to or not. Plus they are a Seattle band, so give them some love!


jamie said...

I <3 FF. One of them went to my high school... Yay RHS!

J said...

You got an award!

Katie said...

And one of them was a Kang (at least for a little while). Did you know the lead singer is Sean Pecknold's little bro?


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