Totally Tubular!

I am very excited to share with you all two additional mascaras that are sure to get the job done and done.

I will start with the pricier of the two. I bought the CARGO TexasLash™ Mascara a few months back for a wedding I was attending and was not pleased with the results. It was goopy and thick and made my lashes look a little like spider legs. I threw the tube back in my makeup case and forgot all about it, until I ran out of mascara and had to pull out the reserve. It was miraculous...the mascara went on easy and had my eyelashes looking full and in control. I haven't stopped using it since. I don't really quite know how to explain it. I love it and am totally planning to buy another tube once I run out. It stays on well, washes off with ease (in weird sort of tube like pieces) and only takes about one quote to give you big old Texas beauty queen lashes. SOLD!

When I was disappointed with the TexasLash™ I picked up a cheap tube of Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara and damn if I didn't like it the most of all the cheap mascaras I have tried. You can put on layer after layer of this stuff and it never gets clumpy and scary looking. It has a nice glossy look to it and I SWEAR (although I have zero proof) it made my eyelashes grow longer. My only complaint is that the mascara dries up kind of fast, but at this price who cares?

They are both wonderful products and I strongly encourage ya'll to pick up either tube (or both)immediately! Your lashes will thank you!

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