Forever Frugal Friday: Outdoor Concert Style

Dress, Sandals, Earrings

One of the best parts of summer is summer concerts! Whether they be in the park, at an actual concert venue or just out on the terrace listening to your musician neighbor, music outdoors rules! Dressing appropriate can be little tricky as the ground may be uneven, grass, cement, whatever. These three pieces will have you looking stylish (and functional) wherever you may be.
Happy Weekend!


Melissa Blake said...

Very nice items! :)

Shelby said...

Oh so very very cute Lynds! Will we get a Del Mar Track version of FFF this week? :) XOXO

Jack said...

Cute items..nice collections as well...Thanks for sharing..
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Megan said...

Outdoor concerts are by far the best. This is why I love the gorge! Best in the middle of the gorgeous no where.


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