Song Of The Week: Whatcha Say

I am seriously addicted this song. So much so that I am pretty sure my friends and co-workers would appreciate me not ever singing it again. I haven't quite mastered the electronic pitch "Mmmm whatcha say...", and I can't exactly rap, so I just sort of repeat that part A LOT (sorry)! Click here to hear Jason Derulo's Whatcha Say.

Feel a little deja vu? That's because the chorus comes from this gem originally. Thanks Imogen Heap!


Amber said...

This is my first time hearing the song but I love it!!!

PinkSass said...

Love all the songs your feature!

Vineyard Vogue said...

I just heard this song over the weekend and I love it! I loved when Imogen Heap came out with the original but I know it never got really popular unless you were an OC fan :) So, hearing it on the radio over the weekend was awesome!


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