Summer Dresses

Even though I am wearing a scarf to work today, in LA, in August (hello sunshine...where are you) I am still craving all thing light and breezy. Now is the time to start stocking up on those darling summer dresses to wear next summer (heck, go ahead and wear them this year too). Below are some of my favorite affordable frocks.

This Bluff Beach Dress has been on my most wanted list for the past month. I love how delicate it looks, and it makes me want to wear flowers in my hair.

This cobalt blue Frenchi Racerback Knit Dress would look fabulous on just about anyone. I am loving the layered hem as well.

The versatility of this AE Button Bustier Dress is what drew me in. Perfect for a summer shower, picnic, concert...it supplies just the right amount of dressy and fun.

I think this Crochet Lace Tank Dress would be the perfect beach cover up that could easily transition to that BBQ you are headed to next.

Because white epitomizes summer, this Embroidered Hem Dress from the Gap should be hanging in every ones closet.

Because I love ruffles and florals and putting the two together, this Ruffle Front Dress is a perfect match for summer and me.

This Ruffle Dress in black is sexy, sheer and light. It would definitely have Danny Zuko singing about those summer nights!


PinkSass said...

Love love love them all! I'm crazy over summer dresses!

Jaime said...

I absolutely LOVE that first dress.. the lacing is so pretty!!

Michelle said...

LOVE those dresses! I looked at all of them, the most expensive one was $55! Way to go YBB! I might be ordering that first one...SO cute. Since it's from Hollister, I may need an XL though...I feel like that place is catered toward 15 yr old bodies! ;)

Shelby said...

Seriously! What is up with this weather? I'm wearing boots today (with a tank top - but still!)
Love the dresses and yes - January Jones is smokin'

Erin said...

I think the embroidered hem dress from the Gap is my favorite. When you do these posts, I do bad things and go out and purchase more dresses :-) Thanks to your post on French Connection dresses, I now own a new favorite dress.

Mandy Kay said...

ohmygoshohmygosh! i want them ALL!

Jack said...

I love that girl with the blue..Quite pretty.Nice post..
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LJ said...

i loved that top dress so much, i bought it! in white! you are my end-of-summer-dress insipiration. :)

Anonymous said...

these are great finds!!...where were the darn white dresses like this when we did pref. day at the ol' AGD house??... I swear, I made my mother drive hours and hours looking for a white dress! HA! Love the blog. keep it up! xoox Leann


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