Desperately Seeking Sully ~ Scary Movies

With Halloween just around the corner, I have been craving scary movies.  I just want to jump, or scream with terror.  Everyone has their own tolerance and requirements to make a movie scary, I usually end up laughing (My Bloody Valentine) at the absurdity of it all.  However, I have found some movies that regardless of how many times I have seen them, still scare me and make me tremble.  Below are some of my faves.

Hate Spiders.  Enough said.  The shower scene in this movie literally makes me gag.  I have noticed a lot of huge spiders around my neighborhood lately and I don't like it one bit.  I cannot watch this film again because it makes me feel like I have spiders crawling all over me.  Blech.

This is going to sound funny but the first thing I think of when I see the movie Carrie is my BF Mrs. R who always explains when she spells her name, "Carrie, like the horror film".  Then I think of how disturbing this film was for me and how I cringe at the opening scene alone.  Poor girl.  Stephen King sure knows how to write them.

I randomly caught Jeepers Creepers one night on HBO and thought it was going to be really, really dumb.  And while it didn't win any Oscars, this film did scare and creep me out a lot.  The villain/bad guy whatever you want to call him, is REALLY gross. 

Even though I wouldn't really classify No Country for Old Men as a horror film, Javier Bardem is straight up frightening in this movie.  I just recently watched it with my roomie and we both were disgusted but Anton.  His weapon of choice, his voice, the coin, his haircut...I would really not like to cross paths with this dude. 

I don't know how people do it...I watched Saw and was so disturbed by it that I knew then and there even if sequels came out, I would be skipping them for sure.  My roomie and gf Lori have a tradition of watching the new Saw films whenever they come out.  I have to hand it to them, the films are gross and their ability to watch them year after year, is impressive. 

I remember back in 1996 I went on a date with this really cute guy who worked at the gym and he took me to see Scream (Dimension Collector's Series).  I remember loving the film but being absolutely terrified watching it.  It had been snowing outside and when my date opened my door and shut it to his car a pile of snow came down from the top onto the windshield and scared the bejesus out of me.  I screamed so loud and my heart raced so fast it was a bit embarrassing. 

Scream broke all the rules at the beginning (hello, Drew Barrymore) and kept me on the edge of my seat.  I am really excited for Scream 4 to come out!

Oh Kevin Spacey...you are a bad, bad, man.  Seven (Single Disc Edition) is another movie that just gives me the willies.  The crime scenes are brutal and the ending...oy.

After watching all those disgusting films that scare the crap out of me, it is nice to settle down with a movie that is scary but also quite hilarious.  Shaun of the Dead is my go to film for every Halloween (planning to watch it this week).  I have a seriously weird celebrity crush on Simon Pegg and love the dynamic between him and Nick Frost.  Shaun of the Dead plays up all the zombie cliches and also has that dry British humor that I enjoy so much.  If you haven't seen it already I highly recommend it!

I think Zombie horror flicks are the most interesting of them all, which has me thinking I will be checking out AMC's new show The Walking Dead premiering appropriately on Halloween. 

Which has me dying to know...what's your favorite scary movie? 


Sweet Nothings said...

the ring scared the beeep out of me. so did paranormal activity..i dont think I can do the second one in the theater!

Miss K said...

You're a brave soul! I never ever ever watch scary movies, I'm just too chicken!! I have to agree about Seven, it's so horrible! After I watched it I had to watch a Disney movie to make me feel better. LOL.

Chuck said...

The shower scene... Are you crazy! It is definitely the spider on the toilet that COMPLETELY freaks me out.

To this day, if I see a spider then have to visit a restroom (and remember seeing a spider that day) I always check the toilet for a creepy crawley... Without fail.

That scene ruined me.
Ugh spiders...


Holly said...

good roundup. those are all scary for different reasons ya know. im going to see paranormal activity 2 on friday-eeeeeeeek!

Brunch at Saks said...

I am such a scaredy cat that even reading about these movies freaks me out. I saw one years ago with Halle Berry in a psycho ward (at least I think it was along those lines) and it scared the crap out of me! Can't remember the name though!

amy b.s. said...

i have to agree with you. all of the really scary ones i can barely watch. and i don't know how people do saw. but my all time is the shining. gets me every time...

MerciBlahBlah said...

I think The Exorcist is the all time scariest movie EVAH, with The Ring a close second. I cannot watch torture horror like Saw, so I'll take your word for that one.

Shaun of the Dead? HILARIOUS. I super duper giant puffy heart Simon Pegg, and TOTALLY have a crush on him, so I don't think your crush is weird at all.


Erin said...

I can't do scary movies...just thinking about the scenes from Silence of the Lambs freak me out.
I love that Carrie refers to the spelling of her name as the same as the horror film - ha!

Silver Strands said...

GREAT list! I've been trying to find a terribly freaky movie for my husband and I to watch while the kids are all out at their various parties.

I know this is corny, but I'd have to say the scariest movie I've ever seen is The Ring. Probably because I watched it alone late at night when I couldn't sleep.

Your blog is so great, I'm so glad I came across it! And will definitely be coming back!

Valerie said...

I've been watching lots of scary movies lately too in the spirit of Halloween. I just watched Rosemary's Baby and Psycho. Carrie is next on my list. Thanks for the recommendations!


L A C E Y said...

no thank you! i can not watch scary movies. i will stay up ALL NIGHT. no bueno!

Lyndsy said...

Sweet Nothings & Silver Strands ~ The Ring is soo scary and creepy. Yuck!

Miss K ~ You sound like my bestie Mrs. R. She cannot watch scary movies at all!!

Chuck ~ LOL!

Holly ~ What did you think about Paranormal Activity 2? I didn't love the first one??

Brunch at Saks ~ Gothika I think?

Amy B.S. ~ I JUST watched The Shining for the first time this weekend. CREEPY!!

Shannan ~ Glad I am not alone in the Simon Pegg thing :) The Exorcist made me laugh...is that bad?

Erin ~ Silence of the Lambs is another good one. The scene in the cage...eek!

Valerie ~ Psycho is another good one! The shower scene. Blech.


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