Song Of The Week: Moth's Wings

The drive up to Solvang is an easy and pretty enjoyable drive up the California Coast.  It is also the perfect time to whip out some Passion Pit and take it all in.  While I don't exactly know the words by heart (usually just bop my head around in the car), the beat keeps me upbeat and smiling.  I looked up the words and am not really sure what this song means, but hey sometimes the beat is enough right? 

Moth's Wings is a weird name for a song but I am telling you this, Passion Pit's Manners album is one I continuously listen to over and over at work, in the car, at home over and over again.  I first became a fan of Passion Pit with Sleepyhead (a song of the week back in November of '09) and I am really hoping to get to see them perform live one of these days. 

Attention all LA music fans....the incredibly talented Paul Freeman is playing tonight and next Monday the 25th at Room 5 Lounge at 8:00 PM. 


Kristin said...

I think this might just be my new favorite song. thanks for sharing :)

black tag diaries said...

i seriously love passion pit... i too was hooked with sleepyhead... love it.


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