Song Of The Week: Just A Dream

I was happy to hear that Nelly was returning to the music scene after a little break.  Nelly reminds me of college and good times and provided many a memories with songs like Hot in Herre [Explicit], and Grillz [Explicit].  His new song Just A Dream is a little slower and more along the lines of Over & Over (with Nelly) but it does not disappoint.

The music video is pretty lame but I am still eagerly anticipating what other fun jams his new album will have that I can make new memories too.  I will say that I am happy he ditched the random band aid on the face look, I don't think that trend ever picked up - thank goodness!


Sweet Nothings said...

i LOVE this song. the first time i heard it, it brought back all the good memories of dancing to ride with me and hot in heerrreeee. and gf with nsync :)

Chiara said...

I too have tons of memories with Nelly and highschool-college!!
i like this new song

Loren said...

When I listened to this song last night I just started bawling. Just broke up with my bf. It's amazing how songs can make you so emotional

Lyndsy said...

Loren ~ I am sorry about you and your BF. Music totally hits me the hardest with anything emotional in my life!


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