Let's Go Rhinos!

Our softball season started off a little bit shaky, but wouldn't you know it....we pulled it together and made it to the playoffs!  Tonight at 7:45 we take on a team that we have lost to already twice, but third times a charm right (knock on wood)?  I always have such a good time with my team and I am crossing my fingers that we win tonight to play again at 9:00 against the undefeated Hard Hats. 

Even if we don't win our league championship, we did win our own team clover at Tom Bergins!

These little clovers are all over the ceiling of the bar and we are honored to be featured! 

GO RHINOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Erin said...

Woohoo!! Go Rhino's!!! I'm cheering for you from Seattle!

Holly said...

you are so cute, in a softball league! go team, go!

Sweet Nothings said...

fun! woo. I watched my friends hubbys softball league..hand eye coordination isnt my thing

Miss K said...

Go Rhinos! Good luck!


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