Happy {Go COUGS!} Weekend

Well the first full week of fall in LA has been anything but "fall like" and between me and you...I am totally alright with it.  The weather here has been hot, sunny and fan-TASTIC (said in my best Russell from True Blood voice), and I love, love, love it.  The sunsets have been amazing and I have quite enjoyed walking Waldo in the warm evening air. 

This weekend my Cougs take on those Bruins and I am not sure what the outcome will be.... but as always - "GO COUGS!".  Planning to soak up the last few rays of sunshine this weekend by the pool, watch some college football, enjoy some adult beverages with friends, and check out episode 2 of Dexter. 

May your first weekend of October be lovely and keep you warm! XOXO


Sweet Nothings said...

oh its so hot. Monday was awful...113 in my neck of the woods. Georgie was protesting.

have a fab weekend...good luck against ucla...they are on a rolll--shockingly!

Kristin said...

Go Cougs! Can I get a Go Gators? : )

HR Mom said...

I'm in Colorado and it's not "fall like" during the day here at all still. By this time last year we already had snow fall. The evenings are getting crisp and cold though. Enjoy the weather and your weekend.
I started following your blog a while ago and I just think the pictures you post are so amazing. Where do you get them?
Go Cougs!

Lyndsy said...

Thanks for the "Go Cougs" love...unfortunately we lost. Boo.

Kristin - I of course will give a "Go Gators" for you!

HR Mom ~ I generally find the photos at other blogs just browsing or use www.weheartit.com and type in words that I am looking for. Watch out though, you can get caught up looking for hours :)


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