Easy A

This past Sunday I headed down to Culver City with some gf's to see the film Easy A.  Even though LSpry and I were almost kicked out of the theater for sneaking in iced teas (which we ended up having to dump in the trash - damn theater security), the film did not disappoint! 

First thing.  Thank goodness for one Miss Emma Stone.  She is stellar as the female lead Olive Penderghast, a witty high school student who pretends to be slutty to help misfits around her school fit in and be cool, all the while making her an outcast.  I won't give too much of the movie away, but I will tell you it has some great 80's teen comedy references, and a fantastic cast. 

I was also super excited to see this film since Miss Amanda Bynes is in it.  I have loved Amanda since She's the Man and am happy that she has come out of her self imposed "retirement from acting".  She is perfect as Olive's antagonist Marianne.  Snippity and composed and perfectly bitchy.  Loved it!

I also really enjoyed (however unbelievable they were) Olive's parents, played by Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci.  They were present without being overbearing, but supportive and fun.  What I was a little surprised by was how sexy I found Stanley Tucci in this film.  He just looked super handsome?  Am I alone?  Anyone else find him attractive in this film?  Also Penn Badgley wasn't too hard on the eyes. 

If you love teen comedies and have missed a strong female lead since Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, I really think you should get out and see Easy A.  The movie will only take up 92 minutes of your life (if anything I wanted it to go longer), and most of it you will spend laughing or smiling. 

In the event you have never heard of this movie, check out the trailer below and then find a movie time at a theater closest to you.  Just make sure you don't try to sneak in a ice cold bevie. 


Jamieofalltrades said...

It sounds like Spry is leading movie club in L.A. The Seattle Movie Club President approves!

JENNIFER ♥ said...

I loved it!!! :)

Sweet Nothings said...

emma stone is adorable. i really want to see this!

im seeing the social network with my mom tomorrow night..im excited!

Lspry said...

"It feels good to be bad" HA! You can bring a baby but not an ice tea! Mind boggling.

McKenzie said...

Hmm.. good to hear! I've been wanting to see this one. Thanks for the review!

Fallon said...

I cant wait to go see this.. maybe this weekend! =)

black tag diaries said...

i too loved this little movie... was super cute. totally agree about olive's family in the movie, they had me cracking up.

Megan said...

i've definitely been wanting to see this! glad to hear it's a cute movie. i can't believe they almost kicked you out for having a drink! that's so crazy.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

So glad to hear you liked this movie- I am dying to see it! Love the cast.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this movie! Emma Stone is darling and did a great job. Her parents were funny, but your right...a little unbelievable. I wish there would have been more with her little brother...he was funny too. It'll be going into my movie collection, for sure!

Holly said...

dude, i wanna see this! its getting crazy good reviews. when i saw the (extended) peview on mtv i thought it was like an mtv movie and not a theater movie.

cant wait!

ps. for the butternut mac and cheese, you just make it as you normally would, but instead of going heavy on the cheese, you just add pureed butternut squash-to give it that creamy texture! everything else is the same.

Anonymous said...

Emma Stone - she had me at House Bunny!

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i didn't see this yet - i think this movie is more of a wait for DVD for me .. then again i always wait for DVD - so who am i fooling ,,

PS … ~Join In on the Tiptoe Butterfly Necklace Give-Away Here~

*kiss kiss*
Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

letterstobetsy said...

I enjoyed this movie alot it was very light hearted and Emma was fantastic. Funny enough people in my theater walked out thinking it was too risque for the PG-13 rating..crazy huh?

Anonymous said...

totally excited to see this movie this weekend! :)

Miss K said...

i can't wait to see this movie! my fiance makes fun of me bc i'll always pause my dvr fast forward to watch the trailer. it cracks me up!

Lyndsy said...

@ Sweet Nothings ~ Did you like Social Network?

@ McKenzie, Fallon, Jaime, Holly ~ So good! Definitely make time to see it!

@ Black Tag Diaries ~ Loved the family and Hannah I agree, her little brother was sooo cute! What's a twit? Ha!

@ Megan ~ it was so totally absurd. I felt like I was 12 being followed into the theater!

@ Holly ~ Thank you for sharing the secret for the butternut squash mac and cheese. i will most definitely be trying it out soon!

@ designstiles ~ I haven't seen that yet! But I liked her in Zombieland a lot!

@ Erika ~ I think this movie is worth the $10 to see :)

@ Letterstobetsy ~ crazy that people walked out yes, although there was some racy language but to walk out is extreme!

@ Cupcakessweetheart ~ enjoy!!

@ Miss K ~ you need to see this for sure! I feel like you will just love it! Especially after your dedication to the trailer!

Megan said...

I really liked it too! I always bring in starbucks and tell them I will throw it away and never do. Stupid people.


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