Forever Frugal Friday

This one goes out to all my fellow small busted women out there.  I recently picked up this Rib Trimmed Sports Bra at Forever and it cost me a whole $3.80.  I loved how bright it was and thought for $3.80 it couldn't hurt to try it out.  So I tried it out at my Circuit Works class and I have to say that this little baby provided me with great coverage during my work out.  I held the ladies up and while I was running on the treadmill they weren't bouncing all over the place.  The adjustable straps are a great feature, and it has little inserts that prevent you from nipping out. 

I think this bra would work great for any ladies size 34B and under, or if have a larger bust, perhaps it could work for you as well, but for less physical activities and more stretchy bendy activities (yoga, pilates, bar method).  And if you are hesitant to even try it while working out, it would make a great little bra under a tank top or t-shirt for errand running. 

Let's keep those babies up and running shall we?  Screw you gravity, I found a new friend that helps me out just dandy!


Danielle said...

i bought the one with the hearts a few weeks ago!! it works soo well!!

Holly said...

and their cropped leggings for 4.80 arent bad either!!

Krissy Engle said...

Good find! I'll have to check it out! Happy Friday!


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