Forever Frugal Friday

Who else is excited to break out the white pants now that Memorial Day is upon us? 

Okay...so technically white pants seem to be okay to wear year round in here in Cali, but for other states, it is time to dust off your favorite white pants, shorts, skirts, whatever and pair them with great bright tribal tops like this one

The bright colors and fun pattern are sure to set you apart from others and it would also look great for evenings out paired with a bright blazer. 

Yahoo for summer time approaching!!!


The Pink Owl said...

Honestly, I never wear white pants b/c I spend so much time worrying about getting something on them! But....this is my year. Got some kick ass white jeans, and I plan to ROCK them :)

Danielle said...

oh I love that top!

Happy weekend love!

Fabiana said...

Of course it's Forever 21...they have the cutest stuff! I was there last week and got a few cute tops and some fabulous jewelery. Thanks for posting this. It's super cute!


myrtle said...

OMG! i super love the top. . so cute. . =)
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