Happy {30th Birthday Christy} Weekend

Phew...made it through this week.  I have been in a bit of a funk this week and am so looking forward to celebrating my lovely pal Christy's birthday this weekend. 

A special congratulations to one of my fave bloggers Miss K, who will become Mrs. K tomorrow! 

I will be raising my glass this weekend to both of those stellar gals and while I am at it, raising my glass to all of you! 



Danielle said...

have fun! cant wait to see what dress you rented!
The boy is coming to surprise his mom for mothers day, so we have a lunch date tomorrow, then drinks after he does fam bam time sat night. I. CANT. WAIT.

Anonymous said...

i've been in a weird funk too!

cheers to you, have an awesome weekend!


Miss K said...

thank you so much love!! xoxo


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