My San Francisco Treat

Is anyone else amazed that it is already the middle of May and we are approaching summer at rapid speed?  Not that I am complaining, but I am just getting around to sharing our fun trip up north to San Francisco! 

We arrived into San Fran early and hopped on the BART (so awesome) to the Galleria Park to check in.  The hotel was super cute and offered a complimentary wine hour (with very tasty wines) from 5:30-6:30 which we utilized before dinner. 

We had originally planned to take the ferry to Tiberon as suggested by the lovely Danielle but ended up at the wrong pier and were too lazy to walk to the correct one and our hunger was really starting to set it.  Bad thing about San Fran on a Sunday...lots of places were closed so we spent a good amount of time searching for a spot to eat at. 

Luckily we found that Prospect was open (a restaurant that was on my list) and headed inside for some grub and booze.  I enjoyed the savory cheesy grits and a pompelmo frizzante (above) while B went for the prospector breakfast and the strawberry smasher.  Everything was incredible.  It is a restaurant that I will most definitely be visiting again next time I am in town and if you live in SF, should be dining at whenever you get the chance! 

With our tummies full of food and a nice little morning buzz, we explored the Embarcadero and took in the beautiful skies and amazing city views.  We really lucked out with the weather during our visit. 

After debating mucho about where to head for dinner, we finally agreed upon The Slanted Door, my coworkers favorite restaurant and highly rated by the critics.  We tried to make a reservation but they were already booked solid, so we gambled to eat at the bar and wouldn't you know we totally lucked into two seats very quickly. 

I enjoyed a lovely glass of white (after indulging in our complimentary wine hour back at the hotel) and B tried out The Old Fashioned and we were not disappointed.  We started off with tuna tartare and the barbecued willis ranch pork spareribs which were both full of so much flavor and straight up perfection.  I ordered the braised alaskan halibut and B ordered the grass-fed estancia shaking beef.  We finished up with the vanilla bean crème brûlée and left very pleased with our selections. 

Another must to any visitor to the city!

We were lucky enough to meet up with my sorority sister, bride to be and new resident of San Fran Kris and her hubby to be Kevin.  The bars around the pier were all mostly closed for the evening but we managed to find a place open and enjoy some beers and catching up. 

{EP, AT&T Park, B&Me}

Monday morning started off a little later than Sunday as we headed to the marina to meet my gf and recent mom EP and meet baby Claire.  We had planned to meet at American Cupcake, but were sad to see they were closed on Mondays - FAIL.  Another FAIL...catching the bus to the marina, ending up on Union Street, getting off the bus only to realize we were a mile away still and watched the bus drive away... We proceeded to the closest open restaurant and had a lovely time catching up. 

We then rushed back to the hotel threw on our game gear and headed out to MoMo's for some pregame beers with some of B's friends.  From there we walked across the street to AT&T Park for an amazing sunset, a Dodger win and an incredible stadium.  Most definitely the prettiest park I have ever been to. 

We ended the night with some drinks at 21st Amendment Brewery where I indulged in the Hell or High Watermelon brew and I have been craving it ever since.  The perfect summer time beer!  Now I just need to find a way to get it down here...

Tuesday was a day of exploring.  We started off in Union Square, walked down to AT&T Park to sample the famous Philz Coffee and then decided to walk through the Ferry Building again.  The architecture of the building and all the signs were fun to see and left me wanting to stop at every stand.  However we kept on moving and walked next to Fisherman's Wharf. 

We decided to reward ourselves with some beers and absinthe at Cioppino's before trekking up Hyde street to see Lombard street.  We were pretty close to Knob Hill and I wanted to explore a little and then we realized we were pretty close to Union Square so why not walk back to our hotel and enjoy the outdoors some more.  Not the best idea for our feet, but at the end of the day we calculated we walked 8 miles round trip.  I wasn't feeling so bad about our food decisions the past few days after that. 

{walking up Hyde Street & Philz Coffee}

It was such a fun trip that flew by us so fast that there was still so much left to see and do.  B and I both decided to make it an annual trip and explore new spots whenever we arrive.  Thanks B for such a romantic, fun, getaway - can't wait to do it again!   

I would like to thank you all for the suggestions and ideas, I have saved them all for our next visit and would love to hear any more places as you think of them!  And of course a huge thanks as well to my roomie Aves for keeping an eye on Mr. Waldo while I was away.  


Danielle said...

annual trip is a great idea..there is always fun and exciting things in the city!

so glad you had a great time! makes me miss the city!

Courtney said...

Whoo-hooo....what fun!! And so happy to hear you lucked out with weather!

Holly said...

they sell hell or high water at bevmo in cans!!

and yes, at&t park is beautiful.

so glad you had a great trip!!

Lyndsy said...

Holly! You just made my day (and yes i realize how crazy that sounds) about the beer at Bevmo! Picking some up ASAP!!

Miss K said...

what a great trip! you look so pretty in all the pics :D

Erin said...

Love this recap! I can't believe how much ground you two covered in just the couple of days you were there. You two are such a photogenic couple :)

Andee Layne said...

ahhh slanted door is my FAVORITE! The spring rolls and cocktails are to die for!
ps i just love all your inspiration quotes! xo


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