Song Of The Week: Sleep Paralysist

Last spring I downloaded a great remix from Refinery 29 and there was this one song on it that I just adored and loved but had no idea who sang it since it was a continuous mix.  Fast forward almost a year when I downloaded the Summer Sampler from Itunes and one of the songs was Sleep Paralysist by Neon Indian.  The very song that I had loved! 

The song is upbeat and yet relaxing and just perfect for these spring and summer months when the sun is shining and you need a little pick me up.  As a bonus if you click here you can download the song free!  It doesn't get much better than that! 

As one who didn't get much sleep this weekend, I am fully looking forward to my 80 minute massage at Burke Williams Spa today with my birthday girl Christy!

Avery, B-Day Girl & Me

Happy 30th Christy !!


Danielle said...

a massage sounds heavenly!

and yes, bacon/drinks sounds like it is in our future! you're such a doll.

DeLane, Kevin & Parker Lilly said...

Love the 80's feel of this song! Sounds like you girls had a FUN weekend:)

designstiles said...

I really like Neon Indian. Love deadbeat summer and 6669.

My massage is on Saturday. Mmmmm. An 80 min one sounds like pure heaven.


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