Song Of The Week: Addicted to Love

Last week, Aves and I were watching TV and saw the promo above for The Good Wife and were instantly drawn to the song in the background.  It took no longer than 7 seconds for me to realize it was Florence + The Machine behind this awesome Robert Palmer cover of "Addicted to Love"

I love the original but have to say this remake is dark, sexy and raw and I just LOVE it!  Also, after watching this promo it makes me really want to check out this show (like my girl Jamie).  Then after watching Julianna Margulies win best actress for her role in The Good Wife at last nights Emmy awards, I want to watch even more!  Have any of you watched?  What do you think?  Worth adding to my Netflix (soon to be Qwikster) queue of 450?


Anonymous said...

I ADORE "The Good Wife" - you must watch! I caught up on both the first and second seasons within a few weeks and can't wait for the season premiere. Can't say enough good things! (Plus, Josh Charles is pretty cute!)

Holly said...

i love flo, cant wait to listen to her version of this song!!! (cant at work...) i feel SO out of the loop, i dont watch 99% of the shows being showcased at the emmys.

Miss K said...

yes! i love the og song and i loved it on the commercial, but couldn't figure out who was singing it! yayayayayayay!


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