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Today's fabulous collection is brought to you by the darling Megan from Lovely Happenings.  Megan is always so cheery, fun, light and stylish and always sharing items that I absolutely must have!  This girl holds a special place in my heart with her appreciation of WSU (her sister goes there) and you can't help but leave her blog in a better mood after you visit it.  So without further ado...

Hello, Yellow Brick Blog readers! I am Megan from LovelyHappenings and I am so happy Lyndsy asked me to help out with my Summer Essentials of 2011. I long for the sunny, dry weather in the summer. Portland's rain can get really painful after a while. I take advantage of the sun while I can and these are my essentials this summer... What one item can you not be without this summer?

My maxi dress! At first, I wasn't sure about this trend and how it'd look on me. So I bought a simple, olive-green racer back maxi dress from Forever21 to see how I liked it (sadly, my particular one is no longer available). I can basically say that I am obsessed with my maxi dress now. I need more for my collection! If you haven't tried this trend yet then I suggest you get your little rear end to the store. Casual, totally chic and awesome for a great summer look.
Maxi Dresses
Maxi Dresses by lovelyhappenings featuring a gray dress

What are you craving for summer 2011?
A longer summer! Does that count? No, I'd just really like more time away from work and time with my boyfriend instead. I want to go camping, go on bike rides, walk to the farmers market, concerts outside, BBQ, eat loads of gelato, and trips to the coast with my boy.

 What is your essential summer song of 2011? Well, I can always listen to a John Mayer or Dave Matthews Band song but this year, Mat Kearney is stealing the show. His new album, Young Love, is awesome. The single "Hey Mama" totally puts a smile on my face and I can't help but rock out to this song. Enjoy!


Thank you Megan for sharing your summer picks!  I just love your collection of maxi dresses and jewelry and the pic of you and bf is soo cute!  Be sure to head over to Lovely Happenings for straight up goodness.
Check back tomorrow for some more summer essential goodies!


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