Song Of The Week: Double Trouble

Woo-hoo for Tuesday!  I hope ya'll had a marvelous labor day weekend full of sun and fun!  I just adore long weekends and love the feeling of waking up Sunday morning knowing I get another day just like today. 

If you watch American Idol like I do, you probably occasionally wonder what in the world ever happened to super talented contest (fill in the blank).  Well today when I was researching more about the band Jack and White (not to be confused with Jack White) I learned that the band is composed of  Jack Matranga and AI season 7 alumni Brooke White

I remember watching her season and thinking she was quite talented on her show and am loving her latest collaboration with Jack on the song "Double Trouble".  Their sound is similar to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and since Labor Day is officially past us now, and our summer weeks remaining is down to 2.5 weeks, I am wanting to soak in as many summer sounds that I can, and "Double Trouble" is most definitely a new summer song to add to my mix. 

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