Song Of The Week: Opposite of Adults

This Thursday, B, my roomie and I are headed to a fun private event and Chiddy Bang are scheduled to perform.  When B first asked me if I wanted to go and if I like Chiddy Bang, my mind drew a blank.  I knew I had heard of them before but couldn't think for the love of me what song they sang.  Seeing as I had to give an answer right then, I decided to take a chance and said yes.

A few weeks later, listening to my "Pursuit of Happiness"  pandora station while getting ready for work, this song came on that was a mix of rap and MGMT's "Kids" and I was bopping around enjoying the tune and decided to look at the artist to purchase the song and was elated to see the band was Chiddy Bang and the song I was loving was "Opposite Of Adults"

Whenever I see a band/group perform live I always like to brush up on their tunes so I can sing along, and this week is no different.  The song is light, fun and has great lyrics that make me smile.  Especially this verse..

"Can I please get a little bit of knowledge?
Somebody tell Roth that I don't love college
Cuz the real world's kinda like Real World
and it's drama, so you are Svetlana"

Pretty sure the last season I watched of Real World was the season with Svetlana, so it makes me giggle.  I can't wait to see them Thursday and will share all the fun details on Friday, now I just need to figure out what to wear....

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