Song Of The Week: Paradise Circus

I was listening to one of my Refinery 29 Spring Playlists when this song came on that I had heard in the background of a Cadillac commerical that I always thought was The xx but whenever I tried to listen to it on their album I couldn"t find it for the life of me.  Perhaps that is because it is the band Massive Attack instead?

"Paradise Circle" is sexy, soft, mysterious, a little naughty and reminds me of The xx so much!  I haven't listened to any of their other tunes, but am loving "Paradise Circle" and I think you will too! 


Ashley said...

I love finding new tunes! Can't wait to add this one to my ipod!

Tara Holmes said...

love your songs....you have a touch for finding new music. :)

Taryn said...

You are right -- really cool tune and vocals =)


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