Forever Frugal Friday ~ Preen Inspiration OOTD

(thank you jen for taking my photo...i felt ridiculous!)

two weeks ago i picked up the CUTEST bright pink blazer at forever 21 from their heritage 21 section (L.A. peeps - i bought it upstairs at the culver city/fox hills store) for $22.80!  i mean what a steal!  i couldn't wait to share this find with you all!  i am sad however, to report that i cannot find it online for the life of me! 

so instead i thought i would share my cute pink knockoff of the amazing incredible Preen Hutchinson Jacket (i mean can we just discuss the price difference here?) and how i wore it to work today.  i received numerous compliments, surprisingly the most compliments came from men who really liked the "flashy neon", called me "pink panther" and liked my "pink version of the masters green jacket". 

i am really wanting to pick up another bold blazer, and think any of the below are sure to be the perfect accent piece to add into your spring wardrobe!  perfect for work, play and if you really want to get crazy, some color blocking trending with colored jeans!  eek!


Danielle said...

how cute are you!

Miss K said...

i love it! you look fabulous! i found my white one from f21 and def want to pick up a colored one

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

love your look! fun blazer. happy vday!


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