Song Of The Week: Tongue Tied

i really went back and forth whether i should post a whitney houston song to pay tribute to her untimely death, but decided against it, as it seems to be covered by everyone else everywhere.

what i will say is that whitney houston was the very first concert i ever attended and had a voice like no other. her death is sad and unfortunate and i feel terrible for her daughter. luckily her music will carry on and be passed down for generations to enjoy many years after her passing. she will not be forgotten.

with v*day tomorrow i contemplated picking a sappy love song, and then decided nah. instead this week, i bring you "tongue tied" from one of my new favorite bands, grouplove.  the video would absolutely bother my roomie (as she hates anything containing a mask), but the song is awesome, upbeat and fun.  perfect for a saturday night with friends!

they remind me of the naked and famous and matt & kim fused together which is pretty much perfection. trust me. 

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Krissy :: Miss B and Hustle said...

I saw them live a few months ago and it was seriously the best show I've seen in a long time. Obsessed! Good pick!


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