Word Up Wednesday

my gf jen sent this to me this week and i just loved it.  i am reading bethenny frankel's "place of yes" and she talks also about the difference of "noise" and "voice".  very interesting and helpful, and here steve jobs (genius) talks about "noise" also and the issues it can cause in your life.  trying to identify the current "noises" in my life and how to get rid of them.

love it.

this past month i had a few biopsies done and was completely anxious waiting for the results.  all my results were received and luckily benign, but both required minor surgery.  i have never had surgery before which lead to additional anxiety, and fear. 

last friday i had the tumor removed from my breast and all went smoothly and i am happy to report, although sore - everything turned out to be okay.  i have my second procedure scheduled in march and it is a much simpler procedure, so i am feeling a bit more at ease. 

similar to the quote above, this month has been absolutely shitty.  between car problems (walked out to a flat tire again after work last night) and medical issues this month i can honestly say it has been the worst month ever (and wouldn't you just know that this is the year to have one extra day of shitty-ness). 

after seeing my tire last night i just broke down.  and i felt a little ridiculous at my behavior but i just felt picked on and angry and frustrated and wanted to scream "ENOUGH ALREADY".  luckily b came to my rescue and changed out my nail pierced tire, luckily i have an amazing family, luckily i have incredible friends and luckily all of these things i have been letting affect me and bring me down are all minor fixable things. 

while i get upset for allowing these "little things" to bother me as much as they have, it's ok.  it's ok because sometimes shit happens, and sometimes it's ok to just cry, scream, vent, pout, whatever. 

it's also ok to be done with it now.  to look forward to a new month and not dwell on the past.  because in the end, it's all ok. 



Shannyn said...

I love your word up wednesdays. Big hugs lady! Good riddance to February, TOMORROW!

Holly said...

oh my gosh! im so glad you are okay. what a stressful thing to go through. so glad you got a clean bill of health.

big hug!

Michael Oliver said...

You're a pretty damn strong person Lyndsy. Keep kickin but.


Caity said...

Definitely okay to say "enough already"! Glad to hear that you are okay healthwise and I hope life starts looking a bit brighter everyday.

Danielle said...

your luck is going to change! i know it. had to get it all out of the way in feb for an amazing rest of the year~

Miss K said...

tomorrow starts a new month, it's going to be fabulous, i just know it will be for you!

amy b.s. said...

so glad to hear that everything is turning out to be okay.

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Hoping March turns out to be a fantastic month for you! I had no idea about your medical problems, but I'm so glad that you are okay! xoxo

Lyndsy said...

thank you all so much for the sweet support and comments! clean bill of health was confirmed this morning and i am feeling much happier this march!

hugs and squeezes to you all!


Bailey Ana said...

It was one of those months for sure, but thank God you are well!

Loving your blog :)


jessica lynn said...

"shit could always be worse." SO glad that you are ok! cheers to it being friday!!


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