Forever Frugal Friday

as part of my resolutions for 2012, i needed to invest in some new workout gear.  i realized quickly in class that even though we are getting sweaty, fashion is still very important at CW

that said, i have been trying to pick up workout gear here and there, and while i would love to purchase just about everything at lululemon, alas my bank account does not allow it.  what my bank account does allow are these Mélange Athletic Capris

i know what you are thinking...workout pants from forever?  they will be thin and sheer and terrible.  not so my friends!  i was originally sold on these pants based on the cute butt ruching and thought they would be great for lounging and running errands, but not working out.  well due to laundry night and all of my normal go to pants being in the wash, these little guys got a testing last night and passed with flying colors!

they were flattering, not sheer and most importantly left me camel toe free!  i have not washed them yet so i can't speak for their shape after, but for under $20, if they last me six months i will be happy.   

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