Song Of The Week: We Are Young

embarrassed and obsessed. words to describe how i feel about the song "we are young".

 i am embarrassed to admit i first heard of this awesome song via glee.  i'm not embarrassed to admit i watch glee (although, this may be my last season watching - not impressed with this season) but i am embarrassed to learn of new music via glee. 

i am absolutely obsessed with this song however.  i kind of want it to be my anthem everyday.  i love the soft beginning which leads into a strong chorus and ends again sweetly and beautifully.  i am sure i will tire of this song soon enough considering it is in high rotation for the chevy sonic car, but currently am loving it whenever i hear it.

also...anyone else obsessed with spotify?  i love being able to listen to an entire album before purchasing! 


Nikki Sanchez said...

So funny, I too first heard this song on Glee! And I am currently listening to the entire Fun. album on SPOTIFY, and I LOOOVVEEE it! Can't wait to buy it on my next Target trip :)

Caity said...

I downloaded that song just last week after hearing it on the commercial. So good! And I didn't even remember that it had been on Glee until I was on itunes and saw it there. I definitely like this version more though.

Jamieofalltrades said...

I just downloaded the Glee version of this song. And I love Spotify too!

Danielle said...

i gave up on glee....but love this song!

Chelsea said...

right there with you sister, right there with you!

Chelsea (www.hautechildinthecity.com)

Miss K said...

i love glee! i find so many songs from their episodes, this is a great song


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