I'm Lovin' It

just finished breaking bad season two on friday...eagerly awaiting the arrival of disc one of season three.  i love that walt. 

oh yeah, and don draper's back...what's not to love about that? 

i had a little time to wander around third street before easter brunch, and happened upon these amazing steve madden studlyy flats that i just cannot stop thinking about.  in fact, just typing that sentence out reminds me of how sad i am not that i do not own them...just may have to fix that problem...

um, anyone been in the gap recently?  i want every single item they are currently carrying.  if the third street store wasn't out of my size in this dot sateen dress you can guarantee i would be the proud owner of it. 

seriously people.  get into the gap.  every single thing is awesome and lustworthy. 

in an effort to stay paleo, healthy and energized i stumbled upon these bars by go raw and am smitten.  i have not tried the live granola bar, but all of the other four and while some are better than others, they are truly all tasty and fulfilling.  my faves are the banana bread flax bar and the spirulina energy bar. 

l.a. residents...they are currently on sale for $0.99 at ralphs...go stock up!

i have been on the hunt for the more affordable version of this look for a few weeks now and surprisingly have had zero luck.  i love these two simple pieces together really leave an elegant and yet casual look.  i also just may have to splurge on the pieces to get my dream look.

a few years back i bought the h&m version of these tuleste market rosette earrings for less than $5 and wore the shit out of them.  i received compliments almost every time i wore them and was sad to retire them after b told me they were looking very tarnished and not so nice. 

i miss them so very much and would have bought every single pair in the store if h&m carried them still, but alas they do not.  instead, i may just need to hunker down and buy the original inspiration for my knockoffs which are way prettier and actually very affordable. 

what are you currently lovin'???


Holly said...

i think i need to give breaking bad another shot.

and love mad men, i cant believe i thought i saw don draper kill a woman this week! GAH!!!!!!

Shannyn said...

I might have purchased the leather gap flips in 5 colors. Whoops!

Danielle said...

i loveeeeee breaking bad. so much.

Miss K said...

sigh, can i have everything?? those shoes are killlllllller

Chelsea said...

i LOVE that Gap dress! Perfect for the summer!

Chelsea (www.hautechildinthecity.com)


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