Marge's Whistler Wonderland

our international bachelorette party started with a bang - quite literally when my plane was struck by lightening leaving l.a. but after a quick plane change we were whistler bound for margie's celebration. 

we were blessed with incredible weather, a lodge that slept 22 and a black bear to boot in our backyard.  shenanigans ensued, flipcup and hand waves were all the rage.  and i realized just how much i love me some fireball with these group of gals. 

a recap of the weekend that was as i look forward to the weekend ahead in may!
olympics rings were awesome

some of us girls out exploring the village

the gorgeous bride to be

so happy i got to see mrs r!

best darn meat and cheese preparers out there!

54 reunited and it felt so good

a surprise visit from mrs. mullin all the way from boston!

the glorious planner and bride to be
party in the front, business in the back?

my girl joat captured me "teach me how to dougie"-ing, with a random dudes beanie.  pretty sure that move isn't included on the "teach me how dougie" instructional video.  needless to say some drinks had been consumed and it was an excellent celebration!


Danielle said...

i still have NO idea what dougie ing is

Miss K said...

what a FANTASTIC weekend. i love the olympics i can't wait for it to start

Marge said...

Thank you again for your presence. You are the best. Luv you girl! PS I need some bronzer...BADLY. Vamp alert.

Lynne said...

Such a great weekend. So happy I got to spend so much time with you. Cant wait to see you in a few weeks. xoxo

amy b.s. said...

sounds like it was a fantastic time! how fun!

Holly said...

haha u doing the dougie is pretty darn cute!

also, i want mrs. r's top!!

Loren said...

LOVE the last photo of you! Looks like you had a good time! :)


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