Song Of The Week: A Real Hero (Feat. Electric Youth)

"A Real Hero" Music Video - College feat. Electric Youth - Drive Soundtrack from Fabián Ávila on Vimeo.

if you aren't already obsessed with the "drive" soundtrack, prepare to become obsessed.  "drive" was a film you either loved or hated and i my friends, loved the movie.  loved the colors, ryan gosling, the artsy feel, ryan gosling, the music and of course...ryan gosling. 

whether people liked the film or not, almost everyone i know loved the music.  it's a little bit 80's, mixed with a little 90's and a touch of house music.  my favorite song on the soundtrack has to be "a real hero" although i really adore "under your spell" a lot. 

a great song to start off the week.  a great visual of ryan gosling to get your heart racing this slow monday and a must-have album to add to your iPod. 

did you see drive?  yay or nay?


Miss Sweet Tea said...

Love that movie! And I love this song! And I love RG! Haha :)

Anonymous said...

Drive was a movie that was totally different from what I expected, but I loved it! And the soundtrack was awesome. It was like 80s meets electronic.

Miss K said...

agreed, the soundtrack was pretty good!

Marge said...

I dl'd this song the night I got home from watching the movie. Love the 80's undertones and weirdness of it! Love.


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