Song Of The Week: Springsteen

when the weather starts to get a little bit warmer and the days begin to be a little bit longer, all i crave to listen to is a little country.  perhaps it was the gorgeous brunch outside yesterday, the arrival of spring or the chatter about the upcoming stagecoach festival, but i have been on a bit of a country kick these past few days. 

one of my favorite country artists is eric church.  i think he has such a sexy voice and all of his songs are about having a good time and getting into a little trouble.  his look is a little different then all those other country crooners, but his talent and voice rise far above the competition. 

i'm minorly obsessed with "springsteen", a song oddly enough not about springsteen, but instead about any artist that you hear and think of a specific person in your life past or present.  i love the idea behind this song because i think it rings true for anybody who has ever been in love...you just sort of go back when you hear a certain song.

if you are hesitant about country music, i really suggest stating out with some eric church, i am pretty sure you will only thank me later!

1 comment:

jessica lynn said...

LOVE me some eric church! seeing him in concert at the end of the month and cannot wait!


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