Song Of The Week: Not Your Fault

my roomie was a lucky lady and got to attend coachella and see AWOLNATION live which made me very jelly.  i've said it before and i'll say it again, very rarely do i enjoy an album from beginning to end, but this one satisfies me from start to finish. 

in fact i have been listening to the album all week long and my current fave is "not your fault", which makes me want to run as fast as possible on the treadmill.  other goodies are "jump on my shoulders", and "dirty filthy soul" but seriously all the songs are so good, so good!

if you like the song above, be sure to listen to their album megalithic symphony  on spotify.  i am pretty sure you won't regret it.

 it should also be known that i started fifty shades of grey today at lunch.  the main character attends school at wsu-vancouver.  liking the book already...


Holly said...

ok, love the music recs as always but i really wanna comment on 50 shades of gray! do you recommend it? how racy is it? i think you should do a post on it :)

Miss K said...

i agree w holly! i couldn't say it better :D

Marit said...

50 shades is sooooo good...I read it in one sitting! Yes, thats right...one VERY LONG sitting! LOVED the characters and the story line, even though I had no idea what I was getting into *gasp*! Racy...yes!
Hope you enjoy it! I can't wait to read II and III, already! Come Amazon and ship them faster!

Leann said...


My boyfriends sister recommended 50 Shades- I am already on the 2nd one- thank god for the Kindle Fire, I couldn't buy the 2nd one fast enough! Ha! I think you will enjoy it! :)

It's def not your "Grandmas Harlequin" kind of book- but a real page turner! I esp. love the WSU and Seattle references.

Enjoy!! xoxoxo Leann

Leann said...

.....Oh, I almost forgot!! Best part? I was @ the Tennis Club last night and three of the four ladies were reading '50' on the treadmill-- LOL!!

Lyndsy said...

oh ladies...the 50 shades post is coming...no pun intended?



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