Song Of The Week - Back In Time

whew, is monday over yet?

i had a spectacular weekend in whistler with a fab group of gals who all came together to celebrate this sweet lady.  my weekend started off with a bang...literally when my plane was struck by lightening (happy friday the 13th to me and william h. macy and pacey who were on my flight).  a quick plane change later and a two hour drive to whistler (thanks coffey) the weekend was full of laughs, food, a black bear, a police visit (not the stripper kind either), cute aussie boys and the best of memories. 

today has been a bit rough with a 7:30 am meeting and finally completing my taxes.  good news, they're done.  bad news, i owed for the first time in my life. 

i spent the day wishing i could go "back in time" and be with friends and playing flip cup.  alas, this pitbull song will have to do the trick as i watch the time tick away and bolt out of the office and straight to circuit works

love the sampling of "love is strange" from one of my fave scenes in dirty dancing. 

anybody else want to go back in time to the weekend?


Shannyn said...

Josh Jackson was on your flight?? I die of jealousy.

Danielle said...

i wouldve made out with pacey the second the lightening struck. if im going down i would go down with pacey witter.

Love love that pitbull song

Miss K said...

what an insane start to the weekend! and i'm in love w that song!! have a great week sister!


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