My Preppy Name

Your Preppy Name Is...

Armitage Winthrop Lathrop the Sixth

But most people know you as Babs

Love this little quiz found on A Glimpse of the Girl Next Door. Quite the name I have there, but love that I go by Babs! I am gonna have to definitely sport that name when next playing tennis with Tad and Buffy.


*swankytables*Annette said...

Hi Babs! I'm Bunny. I think I like Babs better. Oh well, lots of fun!

Topanga Bay said...

My preppy name is Higgins Ridgely Prescott the Second but most people know me as Miffy. My husband would be Creighton Caswell Kempton the Sixth but most people know his as Biff
That was so funny!!! Thanks for the link!


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