Project Runway Catch Up: Episodes 6, 7 & 8

Wow! While it would appear that I have been neglecting my Project Runway, I must assure you that I have been watching, just neglecting computer time. I am hoping that I don't get Auf'ed for my lack of recaps. Here goes nothing..You can be the judge!

Good Queen Fun Challenge:

This episode was one of my favorites so far in Project Runway history. I mean when else will the designers get to use such fun materials and fabrics. And by fun, I mean gaudy, awesome sequins!

Chris March from Season Four returned to have the designers create outfits for Drag Queens. Talk about the ability to go buck wild and crazy with your designs. I must say that I was pretty impressed with the designers’ creations and the interaction between the designers and drag queen divas was priceless.

Judges Favorites:

Left: Designer Joe Model: Varla Jean Merman Right: Designer Terri Model: Acid Betty

Joe’s creation for Varla Jean Merman was perfection in every way, as RuPaul pointed it out it shows off the good stuff and covers what needs to be hid. Terri did not disappoint with her Samurai inspired creation for Acid Betty. Intricate and bold it was barely edged out by Joe’s pink sparkly get up who gained him immunity.

Bottom Two:

Left: Designer Daniel Model: Annida Greenkard Right: Designer Keith Model: Shelly Vine

Daniel’s design was disappointing again and so uninspired. Bright and frilly but lacking any character. Keith’s creation ended up looking like a disheveled chicken, instead of rocker chic. However, Daniel had lacked luster too many weeks in a row and got the Auf.

On to the Fashion that Drives You Challenge:

The challenge was to design an intriguing design that was out of the box and completely made from materials found in/on the cars provided. Most designers chose seat belts for the majority of their style since there was an abundance of them for all to use. Others went for mirrors, the leather covering the seats and the floor mats.

Judges Favorites:

Left: Leanne Middle: Jerell Right: Korto

Leanne rocked this challenge tough! Her look was completely unique and looked fantastic. The use of frayed seat belts as trim and overall shape of the dress earned her a big golden star as well as immunity. Jerell pulled together a dominatrix, punk outfit that was complimented nicely by the models hair. Korto has always been strong with her designs and created an incredible coat woven completely out of seat belts but looked so expensive and runway ready.

Bottom Two:

Left: Keith Right: Stella

Keith found himself in the bottom two yet again this week, with his shotty work and plain Jane design that was neither his style nor flattering in any way. Stella had been safe the past couple weeks but rightly was in the bottom two for her mismatched glamorous seat belt skirt and leather vest. It just didn’t work. However, Keith ultimately offended the judges more and was Auf’ed.

Last but not least…the amazing Double-0 Fashion:

The designers received an incredible challenge of creating a look inspired by Diane Von Furstenberg’s Fall 2008 Line. The winning look would be sold exclusively to American Express customers (nice product placement!). You can imagine that there was a lot pressure and also stress at Parsons for this challenge. As an added bonus, the designers got to use Diane’s personal fabric room to collect materials for their designs. That means they finally go to use the good stuff!

Top Three:

Left: Korto Middle: Leanne Right: Kenley

Again, no surprise here, Korto created a flashy, yet classy ensemble with yellow poking through here and there subtly but beautifully (I do love me some yellow!). Leanne was right on the money with her beautiful violet evening gown and cropped jacket. She was rightly crowned the winner and this is a dress I could see easily incorporated into Diane’s line. Kenley had a VERY emotional episode and stuck with one quality piece versus three poorly created pieces. Her dress was runner up and she should definitely pat her self on the back and take a deep breath that it is all over now.

Bottom Two:

Left: Stella Right: Joe

Beginning to see a trend? Stella had a good idea going for her design but the craftsmanship was all wrong. Also the cape was not working the magic she desired. Joe took Diane’s inspiration from the movie A Foreign Affair a little too far and ended up with a Shanghai Surprise – and not in a good way. The colors were too much together and the skirt was all wrong. Luckily, Joe had a surprise coming to him when Heidi announced he was safe and Stella was out. But not without a cutting blow to last weeks guest judge Rachel Zoe and her lack of style in her belted moo-moo. Thank you Stella for that :)

Stay tuned for Thursday where I promise to not allow myself to fall so far behind again! Ciao!


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Leanne has really redeemed herself since the episode where they had to design a dress for a night on the town and the models picked out the materials. I love her designs, but can't stand listening to her talk.

I love Kenley's designs and I love her bold personality and sense of style. I've got my fingers crossed for both of these girls. Hopefully three women will make it to Fashion Week.

House & Life said...

Found you, and love this blog!


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