Flirty Girl + Surfer Girl = Embarrassed Girl

One of the things I love about Time Warner Cable is their great selection of On Demand Exercise TV programs. They offer quite the variety of workouts and rotate them in and out every month so you are not bored and stuck doing the same thing over and over again.

Last night turned out to be a lovely day so I opted to take Waldo on an extra long walk for my cardio instead of the usual gym (bike, elliptical, treadmill). When I returned home, I selected the category “Sexy for Summer” and chose Flirty Girl Fitness: Booty Beat. I had seen the infomercials numerous times and was excited I could do this 10 minute workout for free.

Good thing it was free, because if I had paid for these videos, they would have been shipped back immediately. I like to think that I am pretty coordinated, but doing this video in the private of my home in front of Waldo, had be blushing in embarrassment. It reminded me of when you’ve had a few too many to drink and think you are all of a sudden a good dancer. Except that I was sober and felt so weird…I could see how this might be fun in a class full of people but I think I will pass from here on out.

The next video I tried was the Surfer Girl Workout. I mean when the girls look like this, the workout has got to be worth it right??

Wrong...it was as if I was performing a workout hosted by Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge with their monotone voices, and fake enthusiasm. The arm work out was bizarre, with weird movements that made me feel like I was flailing about and possibly dislocating my shoulder in the process. I stuck with it till the end because I hate to quit, but seriously, besides the inspiration of their smoking bods, this video will not be visited again by me any time soon.

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Luckily, my girl Cindy Whitmarsh had two videos to choose from that were both excellent! I did the Tank Top Arms Upper Body workout and the Bikini Ready and I was sweating and feeling each exercise I performed. Cindy is motivational without being annoying, her moves are functional and realistic and she moves from one set to the next in perfect timing. I always try to incorporate at least one of her videos into my fitness regimen

What about you? Do you have any fitness videos you love and want to share? Any to avoid? With summer just around the corner, this girl needs all the tips she can get!


Erin said...

I seriously just laughed out loud imagining you in your apt with Waldo watching you attempt these exercises. Just consider it "another new thing" to check off your list :)

Kris said...

Ha! Comcast On-Demand has some pretty sweet ones too. Michelle and I learned the "Booty Pop" - I think we'll break that move out 'in da club' soon! :)

Em said...

i literally just spit water out of my mouth at my computer screen when i read your post and watched that video. freaking hilarious. all this workout talk makes me want to get off my tail and go exercise.

Michelle said...

Hahaha! Yes, Kris and I did something similar...the booty pop! We were laughing so hard, the girls are such slizzos. The one you did is so absurd too, the moves are ridiculous. Ah, comcast workouts...

Shelby said...

Oh that video is awful! Is that even a workout?? I always forget to check the on demand fitness stuff - but when I have in the past I've been disappointed.
I'll stick to my spin classes - so addicting!

MoLangley said...

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