Forever Frugal Friday

I am loving this gladiator, studded sandal look that is all over these days, and yet I am quite cautious to try this trend. The shoes never look quite right on my foot for the price.

But these Geyla Ankle Wrap Sandals may just have me singing another tune! Not only do I enjoy the grey better than the taupe, at a price difference of approximately $37, I might be definitely willing to try this trend.


Holly said...

yes i love the gray ones more, also!

Shelby said...

I can't even tell you how many times I've tried on gladiator sandals and walked away because they just don't look right on me. But I want a pair soooo bad!

Anonymous said...

aw I wish these looked good on me! I tried the steve maddens on at nordies and I was like hmm, not feelin it!


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