Song Of The Week: Chillin

Wale featuring Lady Gaga - Chillin from UniversalMusicGroup on Vimeo.

I CANNOT express in words how much I adore this song right now. In fact this past weekend, I am pretty sure I listened to it at least 6 or 7 times. For the longest time I just assumed the lady voice on this song when I heard it on the radio was MIA, but when I searched MIA nothing was coming up. Well that my friends is because it is the always awesome Lady Gaga lending the female vocals.



Kaitlyn Rose said...

lady gaga makes everything sound fabulous!

jamieofalltrades said...

lady gaga make me want to sip champagne, eat cupcakes and dance!

Lyndsy said...

Kaitlyn ~ I agree - everything is better with a little lady gaga!

Jamie ~ I couldn't have said it better myself. Let's find her, make friends and just dance :)


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