Summer Essential Series ~ Jamie Of All Trades

We end this week with Jamie Of All Trades summer essentials. In case you haven't noticed, I went to college with a pretty wonderful group of girls, and Jamie is not to be excluded from that group. Jamie is my go to gal for craft projects, renovations and yummy recipes. Plus she is super stylish and always ready to make a rosé at any wedding we both attend. I felt lucky enough to experience the big city lights of NYC with her for the first time. Check out her goods below...

*What one item can you not be without in the summer?

Starbucks To Go Cold Cup. One of the hottest, or should I say coolest things this summer. It's the iconic iced cup but reusable. You won't see me without mine this summer. Take the mug pledge, bring yours the next time you get your iced soy latte, save a little cash and you're using one less cup.

*What are you craving for summer 2009?

Neons! I can't get enough neon this summer. They are popping up everywhere. But neons are hard to commit to. Try a neon color like Essie Nail Polish California Coral during your next pedi.

But I am dying for this Rebecca Minkoff MAB mini neon trim bag. I would rock this neon hardcore!

*What is your essential summer song for 2009?

Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun . When this song was the iTunes free song of the week, I downloaded it pretty much because I thought it was the coolest CD cover I've seen in a long time. But it's actually an awesome song. My favorite part is at 2:43 seconds in, you want to pump your fist to it. Definitely fun to play at a backyard BBQ.

Thank you so much Jamie for sharing your picks. I have to agree that I will be toting a Starbucks To Go Cup with an iced coffee all summer long. I am also looking forward to trying this neon trend on my fingers or toes this summer.

Be sure to check back next week for more summer essentials from friends and fellow bloggers! Have a fabu weekend!


The New Black said...

Love the polish shade! Exactly the color I like on my toes. :)

Megan said...

Your blog is clearly fabulous and so I am giving you the "one fabulous blog" award! If you want to give awards to others, pick 15 blogs you love and have newly discovered. Link back to me, then link to them. Let them know you have chosen them by writing a comment on their blog. Have fun!

Sweet Nothings said...

I had no idea about that starbucks cup! Where have I been(or really, I go into starbys every day, where has my barista been!)

loving the series..I love that everyone pretty much has sunscreen #1! we wont have wrinkles!

Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh that starbucks cup looks like plastic! i would surely accidently throw it out!

Michelle said...

This girl uses that starbucks cup everyday too! Definitely an excellent summer essential!

Erin said...

I LOVE the Stabucks To Go Cup! I bought one a couple of weeks ago.

amanda said...

i love those starbucks cups. they are a genius idea.

Lyndsy said...

I am definitely going to have to pick up that to go cup! Thanks for the tip Jamie!

Sweet Nothings ~ Thanks for tuning in for the series! I am so glad everyone takes the use of sunscreen so seriously! Can't wait to share ya'lls picks!

The New Black ~ I am currently sporting Strawberry Sorbet by Essie, it is a good one! Bright and fun for summer.


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