Song Of The Week: Bittersweet Symphony

Okay folks...the week has arrived and I am feeling bittersweet. Mrs. R is moving this Friday to DC with the Mr. for an incredible job promotion. When Mrs. R first told me of the possibility of moving in February I was fine with it (okay I cried), and supportive. I have felt excitement and happiness for this new beginning and joyful that all her hard work was recognized.

However, it just dawned on me last week that the girl who has been nothing short of incredible, amazing and inspiring would actually be boarding a flight to move across the nation. Cue violins and pity party.

So bear with me this week please, as I try to not to feel sorry for myself. I am thinking positive thoughts and smiling at the past, present and our future ahead. It is gonna be different, but change is good, and I know that this move is going to a wonderful step ahead for the two of them.

Love you both!


Lindsey said...

Great song choice. And I am sure that with things like Facebook and Twitter you and your friend will make it through the move.

jamieofalltrades said...

Awe, we'll miss you Mrs. R.

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

this song makes me want to stand up and walk somewhere! :) to the music, of course!

Mariana said...

It's comforting to remember that a good friend will always be a good friend no matter where she lives and now you have fun trips ahead of you to see her. It's ok to feel sorry for yourself every now and then. When I'm sad I look to my friends that will never move away, Ben and Jerry.
Good luck!

Lyndsy said...

Mariana you kill me! Seriously LOL!

Lindsey ~ You are totally right, thank goodness for technology!

Jamie ~ We will miss her so!

Blue Eyed Bride ~ This song totally makes me want to walk somewhere or drive in a convertible with the wind blowing in my hair (ala Reese Witherspoon in Cruel Intentions!)


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