Summer Essential Series ~ The Look 4 Less

If you aren't already a follower, or a daily stalker of The Look 4 Less then you need to absolutely become one! Jen has a way of finding the exact knockoffs of your favorite designers at a recession friendly price. I am often amazed and elated at her finds because they are often exactly what I am craving at that exact moment. Below are Jen's summer essentials...

*What one item can you not be without in the summer?

A great sundress like this one from J Crew (I own it in navy).

*What are you craving for summer 2009?

A pair of cropped boyfriend jeans like these from Gap.

*What is your essential summer song for 2009?

I don't know what it is about that song but it makes me want to dance! It's so catchy.

Thanks Jen for sharing your picks with us. That Cobra Starship song also makes me want to jump up and down and dance all night, and I happen to adore that cute little Leighton Meester even more now. Check back tomorrow for Jaclyn's summer goods.


...love Maegan said...

how funny! I randomly happened upon that blog a little while ago ...it's great!

Nicole Marie said...

i want that jcrew dress soooooo bad!!! i've tried it on twice already!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Those jeans look cute...and not a million dollars yay!!!

Shelby said...

Oh I just love Leighton. And she's right, that sons is catchy

Lyndsy said...

Nicole Marie ~ That JCrew dress was on sale at the my local JCrew....

Elizabeth Marie ~ Yay for affordable jeans....FINALLY!

...love Maegan ~ Glad you are loving the site as well!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

can't believe you found that dress on sale! i want it so badly in papaya and it's definitely not on sale!


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