Free Coffee!!!

Gotta love free coffee! Sadly, this applies to only residents of CA and AZ...but if you live in either of these states go pick up your free 12 oz Instant Karma Ice Blended today from 3-7 PM at your local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Normally I am not an ice blended coffee drinker (and am a Sbux loyal) but at a price tag of free, who am I to exlude? Cheers!


Courtney and Nicholas said...

Oh I'm so sad...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Coffee Bean. Why on earth don't we have one up here?!

amanda said...

bummer! i'm in pa.

hope you enjoyed your freebie, though.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Boo! I want free iced coffee! Darn Ohio!

Hope it was delish! =P

Michelle said...

Jealous!!!! I absolutely love the Coffee Bean! I get a vanilla ice blended everytime I come to CA. YUM.


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