Summer Essential Series ~ Jackie's Joy

I am overjoyed to share Jackie over at Jackie's Joy summer selections. I originally met Jackie at WSU and instantly was a fan of hers. She is super sweet, stylish and did I mention the girl can cook? I haven't personally experienced any of her creations, but know from what I see her creating on her blog...YUM! Be sure to head over there for great recipes, pics of her cute new pup and her darling niece and nephew E & Q.

*What one item can you not be without in the summer?

My Haviana Slims...
Havianas have always been the best flip flop in my book, and since discovering "slims" last season I am officially hooked. These little graphite lovelies have already been a favorite on my feet this summer. They go with everything, and the boost of metallic adds just enough kick to keep them from feeling like just another pair of boring flips.

*What are you craving for summer 2009?

They literally TASTE like summer to me...and my goodness are they pretty (in a "non-perfect" sort of way)! I am one of those people that used to have to force myself to like tomatoes. I always thought they looked so gorgeous and delicious, however the flavor always left me wishing for much more. So after years of trying to trick myself in to liking tomatoes, I discovered HEIRLOOMS. This type of tomato simply comes from a variety of seeds that have been collected and saved for their outstanding flavor - often passed down from generation to generation. I thought it was interesting to discover that commercial tomato breeders (which supply 90+% of the standard supermarket selection) focus primarily on hybridizing tomatoes. This makes the tomato perfectly symmetrical and red and provides a longer shelf life - making them durable enough to survive the rigors of automated harvesting and long-distance shipping. Sadly, this process strips away most of the flavor that actually makes a tomato taste GOOD. Just remember, the unique combination of colors and the rustic shape of an heirloom tomato = major flavor. Thankfully you can now find heirlooms at most grocery stores, a little spendy but definitely worth it. Or you can completely bypass the grocery store all together and grow your own (heirloom seeds and starts can easily be purchased online or at your local nursery).

* What song will you be listening to this summer on repeat?

Any song from Bob Marley's Legend CD.
The entire album just makes me want to be outside, soaking up some hot sun with good friends and an icy bev!
Happy Summer!

Thanks Jackie! I will definitely be sure to try an heirloom tomato as I am not a lover of tomatoes. I also will not be without my Havianas this summer, and Bob is always on a summer playlist for me as well. Tune in tomorrow for Nicole's picks.


Elizabeth Marie said...

Havianas are my absolute favorites!

avid gardener said...

Heirlooms are it!!! Once you eat an heirloom you will probably not eat anything else. There is a difference in quality though, depending on where you buy the plants. Through trial and error I found the ideal place to get them. The plants come with well-established roots in 3" pots and are ready-to-grow! I love Garden Harvest Supply. I've used many online nurseries, but GHS is the only one that has not resulted in PLANT FAILURE. Check them out! http://www.gardenharvestsupply.com/category/tomato-plants-for-sale-many-heirloom-tomatoes

The New Black said...

I would wear flip flops every day of the year if I could! I don't even need the fancy ones...$3 Old Navy ones work great for me.

I have been listening to Bob's Legend CD for nearly a week straight! It puts me in the best, relaxing mood. Buffalo Soldier is my favorite.


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