Auf Wiedersehen & Sayonara

Tonight is full of good television! The finale of the most boring season of Project Runway will finally crown the winning designer tonight.

Who do you think will be the winner out of Althea, Carol Hannah and Irina. I think all these ladies are very talented and it is nice to see an all women designer top three, but I just cannot pick a winner for the life of me. For some reason my gut says go with Carol Hannah but then I also feel like mean Irina could pull through in the end.

Over on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Jeana Keough says sayonara to the other wives and we meet the newest cast member Alexis Bellino, who is rich, with big boobs and a huge diamond (as advertised by Bravo). I am super excited to see what Alexis brings to the mix.

Are you sad to see Jeana go? What are you thinking about Douchebag Slade and Gretchen (I am still scarred from last weeks sock on junk vision of Douchebag Slade - blech)?

Be advised that this video is a bit trashy...gotta love those RHOOC.


Clemson Girl said...

Holy mother of gynecology! I love the housewives! i definitely am ok with Jeana leaving. She's become a snooze!

Megan said...

I wanted Carol Hannah to win. Oh, well.

Lynne said...

RHOOC I love, Slade not so much. He is NASTY

Michelle said...

I wasn't too happy with the winner :( I wanted CH to win, I loved her line the best. And she was sickie, poor girl. Sorry I thought you blogged who won last week, ha! My eyes saw "winner" and "Althea" very close together and I was like "Dang I shouldn't have opened this!" Didn't take the time to see that you did NOT say that! ;)


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