I Love You Man....

Where have I been the past 5 years? Seriously... I am pretty much loving anything and everything Jason Segel is in.


My first experience with Mr. Segel was in Knocked Up as the sleazy friend who hit on Leslie Mann. I thought he was pretty hilarious in it and then just sort of forgot about him.

Next up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He was so unforgettable in that flick and my appreciation and crush blossomed here. He was heartbroken, adorable, hilarious and just made my heart melt. Also, found out later, that he wrote the movie himself roughly based off his own breakup experience. I DIE!


Mr. Segel was officially on my radar now and I Love You Man just made my appreciation for him grow deeper. His attitude and timing is just too perfect and he just seems like such a fun, great dude.

I have since added How I Met Your Mother to my Netflix and finished watching Season 1Disc 1 (Disc 2 is waiting for me this weekend), and I just have to say that not only does that show ROCK...but Marshall is like my dream hubby. He is tall, has a great sense of humor and seems just really down to earth and totally sweet (and what a fun group of friends he has).

If for some reason, you were like me and not sure of who Jason Segel is or don't believe my testament to how great he is, watch the video below...if you aren't a believer after seeing it, then I don't even know you (j/k)!


Sweet Nothings said...

love of my life. when i met him on the mtoher set last year, i cried. and lingered a lot when we hugged.

u should see the pic we're using for our post tomorrow( i had it planned even before ur post!)

¶ M said...

I love him! He's mostly the reason why I watch How I Met Your Mother and every movie he is in he just makes me smile & cracks me up.


nifer said...

Oh I loved him in all of those movies too! He's so hysterical in that cute, lovable way!

Never realized he was in "How I Met Your Mother!" I totally missed the boat on that show, but maybe I'll catch up, like you, via Netflix.

~ Jen

Jaime said...

LOVE him!! And love Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which I didn't really like the first time I saw it... I've seen it a bunch of time since, and now I love it)

Happy Turkey Day!

jamieofalltrades said...

I am obsessed with him too. I've just finished Season 1 of HIMYM and I am in love with Marshmallow. I want to be his Lilypad.

Shelby said...

Oh that so just made my day. LOVE!

Jacquelyn said...

He is so awesome! You should watch Freaks and Geeks - there was only one season but it is one of my favorite shows ever and he is in it, not only in it but is absolutely adorable in it. Judd Apatow wrote and directed several of the episodes.

Erin said...

Love that performance! He's hilarious and so adorable. Lynds - I think the feelings for him would be mutual with you :)

Kris said...

I love that guy!! I had never seen that performance - so funny!

Bekka said...

He was in SLC Punk as the guy off to save the trees! amazing

Lyndsy said...

I am so glad I am not alone in my complete adoration of Jason Segel. To me he is just perfection.

Sweet Nothings ~ I am SOO jelly you got to hug him! They would have had to pry me off of him.

Erin ~ I wish the feeling would be mutual - ha!

Jacquelyn~ I have heard such great things about Freaks & Geeks, I am definitely going to add it to Netflix.

Jaime~ I also didn't love Forgetting Sarah Marshall the first time but watched it a 2nd time and I just LOVE IT!!


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