It's Bacon!!

My name is Lyndsy, and I totally love bacon.


The smell, taste, everything! Let's be honest anything combined with bacon equals instantly delicious. With the recent bacon obsession, interesting combinations can be found everywhere. My co-worker recently sent me a link to chocolate covered bacon and I was instantly curious to sample this immediately.


In Shirlington Village, there is a darling little wine shop called The Curious Grape, where they host daily (free) wine tastings (we went Friday, Saturday & Sunday) and offer a variety of fantastic wine, cheeses and salami's, as well as....Chocolate Covered Bacon. We purchased a bar on Friday night, and the cashier informed us that the rest of the bars would be gone by Saturday night. Well sure enough, Saturday night, one bar remained out of the original 15!


I would love to tell you all that I LOVED every bite of the Vosges Mo's Bacon Bar, but sadly it just didn't do it for me. You could definitely taste the bacon, but something wasn't right. Maybe it was the quality of the chocolate, maybe the chunks of bacon weren't big enough...whatever it was just left me disappointed.

Which means...I am still on the quest for the best bacon dessert treat out there. Next on my list to try is Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle from Dean & Deluca.

This combo might be more what I am looking for. I am thinking I may just order some to sample or bring to the next holiday party I attend. I am pretty sure I won't have to worry about someone bringing the same thing!

On a sweet treat non-bacon related side note:

I did sample from Dean & Deluca the most delectable treat I have EVER had in my life (yep I said it).

Although super pricey (I paid $3.00 for 2 pieces) the Sea Salt Caramel Collection is worth every penny. I seriously moaned in the store when I bit into the chocolate. If you are looking for a gift for that person who has a sweet tooth and enjoys salty treats, this little puppy is sure to bring you to the top of their favorite people list. Ah-Mazing!

So, am I alone in the desire for desserts containing bacon? Do you know of an amazing recipe or dessert I should be trying (or avoiding)? Let's hear it!


Erin said...

I'm forwarding this link to my sister as I'm typing this as she is a HUGE bacon lover. One year I have her "bacon strip" band-aids in her Christmas stalking.
My favorite sea salt caramels are by Fran's Chocolates in Seattle - To.Die.For! However, I'd love to try the caramels from Dean & Deluca

Mama said...

You have to try the clipping I just emailed you with the bacon wrap smokies you bake in the oven with brown sugar which turns to carmel. So so good, your tummy will be doing a happy dance.

The Haigh's said...

Hi Lyndsy,
I must admit I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I get so inspired from your posts' to go out and find exciting new clothes, and have recently used some of your ideas (thank you). You are such a fun-spirited writer with such wonderful things to say.

Pam said...

I'm glad you found my review of the Vosges bar - overall, I wasn't crazy about it. For more bacon, though, I recently made bacon vodka and will be posting candied bacon soon.


Kaitlin said...

I am a junkie for bacon. I have never tried bacon in chocolate before, but I bet it rocks.

PinkSass said...

P loves his bacon. Have you ever had candied bacon? It's bacon with sugar and red pepper flakes on it. You put that on the bacon like a rub and then cook it in the oven. It's P's new favorite.

natalie said...

being from the NW i'm sure you've heard of VooDoo Donuts, but they make an amazing maple bacon bar that is delish! definitely a treat :)

Jaime said...

OK bacon and chocolate? I must try this...I'm so curious!

Shelby said...

You need to try bacon brownies. So yum!

Dean & DeLuca said...

Hi Lyndsy,

My name is Emma, and I work for Dean & DeLuca in SoHo. I'm glad you like our Sea Salt Caramels. The Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle is wonderful but very smoky tasting--some people love it; some people find the smoky flavor overwhelming. Have you tried our "pig candy?" Crispy fried bacon strips dipped in milk chocolate.

Julia said...

Chocolate covered bacon?! That's just crazy!

Jacquelyn said...

Keep us updated on that bacon goodie search! If you find anything that you LOVE I'll put it in my husbands christmas stocking.....he loves bacon, and he loves chocolate...why not?!


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